I feel like I am seriously just wasting my time and energy.  Each little thing I do to make something appear nicer or better just seems to create more issues.


          I had mailing labels printed so that when I mail things to my clients, it looks neat and professional…  And then about 3 days after they arrived from the printer’s, DH and I decided to accept the bigger house…  So now my pretty little labels will be obsolete as of June 15th.  Rather than let them be a complete waste, our bills have been sent out with my neat, tidy little labels.

          I printed business cards.  The ones I could put together on my home PC were great, but lacking software, clip art, and other basics, they were very…  homemade.  And while that’s not bad, it doesn’t look as nice when set next to a "real" business card.  And then I got my web-site.  And my web address is not on the cards.  And it’s too long an address to write on the back…  At least I didn’t put my physical address on the cards, right?

          Because I am OCD, I am not happy with anything I have worked up for this little birth doula endeavor.  My brochures…  I have decided not to use them at all.  In an effort to make myself more visible, and get rid of the business cards that don’t have my web address, I plan to drop an entire box of cards at (a place that will make good use of them).  The wonderful ladies that are in charge of things like that had said it would be a fabulous idea and they would love to have my services advertised, so I know they will get picked up more often than they will in my pockets, wallet, diaper bag, and even in DH’s wallet.  And yes, I make him carry some.  I’m a great wife like that.

          In some aspects, it’s going great.  In others, it can’t happen fast enough!  I bought the clothes I plan to wear when my clients are in labor – comfy pants that won’t expose my nether regions if I am squatting, customized shirts, and a nice zip-front jacket.  I am putting together my official doula bag of tricks…  And I just can’t wait to get the certification out of the way…  Oy.