I emptied an entire toy box worth of old toys from the boys’ room.  I brought down the toy bins that were in Mega’s room and put them in the living room.  They’re open, so his room is a mess every single morning.  I hate that.  So now he has one giant toy box filled with quiet, single part toys.  Clever Mommy.  Mean Mommy.  *snicker*  The obvious downside to all this is that the noisy toys with multiple pieces are now downstairs…  In my living room.  But whatever.  Once we get into the new house, each child will have his own room.  With room for his own toys.  And then there we be very few toys in my living room.  Very few.  As in none.  Because we will live upstairs.  Hee hee…  We’ll see how long that lasts. 

          Anyway, it does make Mega’s room look much neater and it does the same for the downstairs living areas.  After we get rid of the Jumperoo and the Exersaucer, you might actually be able to do something like, say, play Twister in the living room.  Not that we do that or anything, but we could

          Big plans for the new space that comes with the new townhouse…  Big plans.  Doubt the plans will work, but dammit, they’re there! 

          When was the last time you played Twister?