According to this site, a stay-at-home mother in my area is worth an annual average of $130,567.  Wow.  I’d even settle for the national lower range of $70-something thousand.  Why are we such hot commodities?  We’re multi-taskers.  We perform the duties of Housekeeper, Day Care Center Teacher, Cook, Laundry Machine Operator, Facilities Manager, Janitor, Van Driver, Psychologist (if they only knew!), and Chief Executive Officer.  So what if we threw concubine in there? 

I was kidding.  About the van driver part.  😉

And all along, I thought being a doula would help me mentally and financially.  I had it all wrong!  I just have to keep staying at home…  But you know, find someone willing to pay for those services.  So maybe I’ll just stick with being a primarily saty-at-home mother who also provides the services of a birth doula… 


Well hell. 

And in case you were wondering what that site pays for each job…

Housekeeper – $9.35/hour

Day Care Center Teacher – $12.04/hour

Cook – $12.31/hour

Computer Operator – $14.71/hour

Laundry Machine Operator – $8.72/hour

Facilities Manager – $36.24/hour

Janitor – $10.88/hour

Van Driver – $14.23/hour

Psychologist – $34.46/hour

Chief Executive Officer – $161.55/hour (Anyone need a chief executive officer a few hours per week?  Anyone? I can commute…  I’ve got a van!)