So that interview I did yesterday…  Yeah, I got it.  Hee hee.  My client also suggested me to two other women and one of them called this morning.  We set up an interview for Thursday!  Then DH called and said there may be a chance we could stay here, on the same boat for another 3 year tour…  Which would give me a good start at establishing myself in the area and give me plenty of references when we move…  I can’t believe how things are moving along.  After the course and looking over everything I still had to do, I got really discouraged, but now it seems like it is just taking on a mind of it’s own and things are just getting done, falling into place.  WHEW!

So yeah…  Still working on the web-site.  Adjusting, tweaking, perfecting.  Looking for more students to add to the student directory…  So yeah…  Getting there man!