OMG!  I have a functional website! 

Check Me Out!

I know it’s pretty rough, but I am really horrible about things like this because I am sooo OCD.  It’s hard for me to gather my thoughts and then display and portray them the way I truly want.  At some point, I’d like to have something more like K’s site.  She and I went through training together and I feel like I was very fortunate to go through training with her and the 5 other women that comprised our class.  We are a classy bunch and I think we’re all in the right profession!  Enough mush, back to business.  Obviously, my site needs help.  Like I said, I am highly OCD and very balance and color coordination oriented.  I want everything to flow.  I’d like to have a nice contact page where other doulas and doulas-in-training can submit links to their own sites, or E-mail addresses.  For that, I just haven’t gotten enough feedback from other doulas and I will not post any information without their knowledge and approval.  GAH!  Too many things going through my head!  I think I may stop for now and just upload the pictures and videos from yesterday.  *sigh*