We went to the MOMS club meeting yesterday and I am very glad we did.  Not only did I meet a few prospective clients, I met a few women I think may end up being good friends.  Mega had a good time and there seemed to be no shortage of children his age, or BabySan’s age.  They have a pretty full social calendar, so we have stuff to choose from.  Woo-hoo!    

          I also went back out to the male review last night with my girls.  I met another fun lady there, too!  A friend brought her and she was a HOOT!  She’s definitely invited to hang out with us again…  We’re such discriminating ladies that not just anyone can hang out with us…  Or, I’m just a b*tch and I don’t like anyone new.  Whatever.  Either way, she was rad and I hope she decides to come out and kick it with us again.

          Saturday is the last of my instructional type stuff for my certification.  I am missing a few "reminder" hours of childbirth preparation, so I am getting the rest done.  Saturday night I may go out with a friend again – she’s preggers and sans bebe numero uno, so I don’t want to ditch out on her when she has a rare moment of freedom. 

          Sunday we’re out of town for some Soul Food with the Fam.  I am hoping my aunt feels well enough to bring the new babe out.  I plan to take oodles of pictures either way because we have two other cousins who will be there that we have never met!  I didn’t know they were coming, so this should just be an awesome day!  The other two cousins are a few years older than Mega, and a few months younger than BabySan.  Cousin-S is 8, and then there’s the newest baby.  FULL HOUSE!  The menu sounds bangin’ (ham, meatloaf, greens, rice and beans, potato salad, corn bread, watermelon, sweet potato casserole, devilled eggs, striped delight, and cake), the souls are ALWAYS bangin’ and you can bet there will probably be some karaoke involved!  I am very excited!

      WHEW!  Sunday night is DH night, too.  So we leave here around 8 AM, leave C-ville around 5:00, and I have to be at my girl’s house by 8:30, so I plan to drop the boys off and run to her house!  It’s a 3 hour drive from Casa de Mama Dukes to our house and another 20 minutes to my girl’s, so it’s gonna be a tight run all day.  Should be worth it, though!!

          Monday I get to catch my breath…  And then Tuesday I am meeting with a potential doula client.  She is one of the women I met at the meeting and she seems very nice, too.  Even if she doesn’t decide to go with me, I hope I can help her find someone she is comfortable with so that she can have a good experience – especially since her husband will not be here.

         So…  If you don’t hear from me…  I’m not dead.  Just slightly used and abused and I will do my best to recover and get back to you!