We’ve fired up the grill and we’re doing marinated pork chops (big fat ones!), baked beans, watermelon, mangos, and shrimp…  Mmm…  I bought pie, too!  I was thinking about making one, but the thought of spending more time in the kitchen when it’s 90-something degrees didn’t sound too appealing.  So yeah, I cheated and bought a pie…  Whatever dude.  It’ll still be cool.  Shrimp cocktail kicks ass enough to make up for my sorry store-bought pie.  Hee hee.

          I sent an E-mail to the MOMS club of my area about…  oh…  4 months ago.  Today I got a mass reply about their open house that is TOMORROW morning.  I’m going, but suffice to say I am not impressed with them thus far.  I mean, you couldn’t send me a quick note even 2-3 months ago?  "Hey, got your message!  In the process of organizing an open house, more info later!"  Something?  I am big on acknowledgements or even basic responses…  Like HUGE with that.  I hate feeling ignored, overlooked, brushed aside, forgotten, whatever.  I have serious issues with that.  So yeah…  We’ll see if they’re better in person tomorrow.  I need to meet some moms in my area…  Desperately!

          Tomorrow is also my meeting with a potential doula-client and I am actually a bit nervous…  I didn’t think I would be, but I am!  It’s just a meeting!  CHILL OUT DORK!!!

          So…  Grillin’ and chillin’ tonight…  Fun and meetings tomorrow…  WOOT!