Friday night I went out with some friends.  I intended to drink a little, but not get crazy.  In other words, do what I usually do when we go out…  You know, all 4 times per year that actually happens.

          We went to a place I had never been before, but had heard about.  It was pretty cool – a little cramped, but that’s sort of what happens when you mix dance music, single people, and alcohol.  We’ll call this place "The G Spot," and no, not for any sexual reason.  Anyway, as soona s I ordered my first drink, the bartender started my tab.  He only rang up my first round – 3 shots for my friends and I.  I stopped counting at 14 in 3-3.5 hours.  I had a 4 horsemen, royal flush, several shots of Grey Goose and Red Bull, and GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT ELSE. 

          I finally did the, "Oh my God, why did I ever drink that much?" stupid thing.  I have definitely learned my lesson…

          We still dressed up and went to the CG Gala, but we cut it short about 2 hours.  DH ate and during dinner, I sat in the van because the food smell was making me want to vomit.  Again, my own fault. 

          I up-dated the picture and now you can actually see us the night of the Gala.  Don’t we look yummy?  *sigh*  That dress was well worth the price!  And the looks on DH’s face when he came downstairs and I was finally dressed… PRICELESS!