Student Arrested After Commenting About the VT Shootings

Apparently, other students thought this student’s comments were sympathetic toward the shooter.  So?  One of the survivors of the shooting has said that they forgive the shooter.  Does that not express a form of sympathy?  Should the victim also be arrested? 


          Let me get this straight…  You can’t shut down a web-site that promotes "Girl Love," or racial hatred, but you can arrest a student for saying he understands the impulse to kill 32 people?  You couldn’t do something about Cho before he killed the 32 people, but you can arrest someone for saying they "understood."  I have never been a huge First Amendment proponent because I think people abuse the privilege, but seriously, I’d say this falls under the First Amendment.  They aired the freakin’ angry ramblings of the shooter and that was okay, but this guy couldn’t voice some sympathy for him? 

          I guess I am a little confused.  Where exactly, is the line between voicing your opinion and breaking the law?  It’s not okay to say the word "bomb" in an airport and it’s not okay to say you understand why someone would want to kill people.  But it’s okay to talk about the "Splendor of Little Girls," Racial Purity versus White Supremacy, etc?  I think if we don’t sympathize, to some extent, with Cho, we’re asking for it to happen again. 

Until you can see where he’s (the shooter) coming from, you won’t see it coming again.

But that’s just my opinion and I tend to "sympathize" with the bad guy because I don’t believe it’s all nature that makes people "crazy".  I believe there are things that make it "easier" for people to flip, but that no one is born completely insane and homicidal, etc.  For example, my chemical balance is not the typical chemical balance.  Does that mean I am going to go a rampage next time someone cuts in front of me on the highway?  Probably not.  If I was brought up by a fanatic who preaches my divine right to be first and foremost because of my race, social status, religious beliefs, whatever, might I be slightly more inclined to go on aforementioned rampage?  Possibly.  I believe it is a combination – that this "Monster" who committed the massacre at VT wasn’t born, but created.  There were things in his life that didn’t create the most ideal primordial soup for him to rise from.  Was it all his parents or caregivers fault?  No.  Was it all his own fault?  No.  I don’t think blame can ever lie solely with one party or person…  There are always things they and we on the receiving end can do to make things better…  Always. 

          I am not saying what he did was right, acceptable, or condoning his actions in any way.  I am not saying that the victims deserved what they got, that they ignored the signs, or anything else like that.  I am saying that sometimes we don’t see what is right in front of our faces because we don’t know what those things mean, or we don’t link certain things together.  It’s ignorance and nothing more.  It works that way in a lot of situations.  In cases of sexual abuse in children, often there are a handful of "signs and symptoms," without the child ever saying a word, but because we are unfamiliar with them, we don’t see them, or understand them for what they are.  It’s no more our "fault" than it is the child’s, but do we shoulder the burden when it comes out and we begin to understand why that child turned into the adult they did?  Sure…


          I hope I have not hurt anyone.  I am not trying to be insensitive, or unsympathetic toward the victims and their families.  I hurt when things like this happen, not only for the direct victims, but for all of us because I think it does hurt everyone…  We think we’re safe and we’re not, or we think we’re in more danger than we are.  It’s harder to enjoy life and the good things when you’re always worried about the bad and dangerous, but you still aren’t sure how to protect yourself and the ones you love…  Again, I am not trying to be insensitive, but I think it’s important for people to share views and talk.  It’s when we shove it under the rug and pretend that it never happened or didn’t change us or hurt us that it happens again…  and again…

          Do you think people are born to commit crimes, are created to commit crimes, or both?  Nature…  Nurture…  Or both?