We have been going back and forth about what we want to do, or I should say "request to do," when DH re-enlists.  We’re debating between another boat billet (you get more money for sea pay every month and separation pay if you’re gone for more than 30 days), or a land billet.  He would most likely get a land billet since he just did time on a boat.  The question I keep coming back to is, "Is it worth it?" 

          He misses so much time away from the boys and for what?  $100.00 sea pay every month and $250.00 if he’s gone for more than 30 days.  If he’s gone for 29, we get nothing.  Those days don’t roll over, either.  If he leaves for 15 days, and then 25 days, he doesn’t get 10 days toward his next 30 day mark.  Neither the 15 days nor 25 days get the extra allotment, and those days don’t count toward another allotment…  So…  $8.34 per day if/when he’s gone for more than 30 days, and $3.34 per day for sea pay…  We’re giving that up for a land billet, but you can’t put a price on time with the family…  And if DH is home more often, it gives me greater flexibility to take more clients, and more than make up the income we would lose. 

      And there’s just the fact that DH likes what he does.  There is very little he can do if he took a land billet.  There’s also just the "WOW!  You did what?!" side of it.  He just sent me a press release about a drug offload they did.  They confiscated $50 million worth of cocaine.  FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF COCAINE.   55 bales of cocaine and 4 bales of heroine.  $50 million dollar’s worth of cocaine that won’t be available to our children.  $50 million dollar’s worth of cocaine that won’t be available to anyone.  How rad is that? 

Read more from our local paper here.

     So yes, I will support whatever DH wants to do.  As hard as it may be, if he wants to do another boat tour to get more experience, I will back him up completely.  If he wants to take a land billet and take a teaching position for a few years, I will support that as well.