Pray for me.


     Tonight I journey into dangerous territory.  Taking Away The Bink.


          Mega only uses his Bink when he is in bed – nap time, and bedtime.  He’s only two and a half.  So before you judge me, keep in mind that we’re not talking about a 5 year old, and that he’s been down to "bed only," since he was about a year old.  We have tried twice before to get Mega to kick his Binky habit.  The first time, we caved after 3 days.  The second time it took 2 weeks.  Everyone said 5 days TOPS.  Let me tell you, this child, this Mega Man, is a force to be reckoned with.  He would cry himself to sleep and then would wake up every 45-60 minutes and WAIL for 1/2 an hour and cry out, "Binkie!  Binkie!  Where Binkie?!"  After 2 weeks of very little sleep and, no doubt, a very sore-throated toddler, I gave in.  I figured he really wasn’t ready to give it up. 

     A week or two after the 2-week Binkie Stand Off, he lost The Bink.  I bought another 2-pack and vowed that when he lost those, I would try again.  The time has come.  He lost the first one and it didn’t show up for about another week.  When we found it, I put it in the diaper bag for the rare occasions we are out and about past bedtime.  Now, a few months later, the green one is also missing.  So here we go again.  Right now, Mega has been screaming for about 7 minutes.  That’s a long time when you’re talking about a blood-curdling, gut-wrenching caterwaul.

     So if you can find it in your hearts, please pray for my sanity and my sleep over the next few days as we tackle this fiersome beast once again…  And, if you have another few seconds to spare, please pray for success.

    Did you use a pacifier?  When did you give it up and how did your parents get you to kick the habit?