Apparently having the snot sucked out of my carpet has stirred up a lot of allergens.  It’s worse for me to sit in the house than it is for me to be outside!  The Alavert isn’t doing a damn thing!  I planned to find a physician today anyway to try to get some allergy meds prescribed, but now it’s at the top of my list.  I also need to get my feet fixed, so I need to get on the whole "general practice doctor" thing anyway.  I’ve only seen an OB for the past 3 years!  HA!

      My only other goals are to hit the bank, wash the van (if I can find a place to do it that won’t take forever), and browse for an entertainment center.  Wooh!  Perhaps my puffy face and tired-looking kids will generate some sympathy and give me bargaining power?  Yeah, I doubt it, too.