Holy Hobbit Feet!  Someone read my blog from a Google search for Elijah Wood!  I knew that man was too luscious to ignore.  Although now I have to wonder who my competition is…  I mean, let’s face it, if DH (dear husband) wasn’t in the picture, I would be with Elijah Wood.  It would just be a matter of time before he found me stalking him, er, we ran into each other and I won him over.  How could he resist my feminine charms?  A match made in Hollywood, to be sure.


*pull your trousers up ladies and gentlemen, it’s gettin’ deep*


Next order of business!  Remind me never, NEVER to take Mega to the indoor park on a day when school is out.  That place was an absolute madhouse. I am normally very vigilant, always keeping Mega in my sight, etc.  I don’t think I sat down once today because I was constantly bobbing and weaving trying to keep a line of sight!  It was nuts!  Then there was this little boy who was running around chastising all the other children.  Mega got a kick out of that.  After a few minutes, he got over the amusement.  Mega told the little boy to chill out when he had apparently had enough of the little boy’s finger being in his face as he told him “no” over and over.  Quite amusing.  Mega didn’t lose his temper, or seem even angry.  He just looked at me, looked at the kid and said, “Settle down,” and then walked away in search of someone less bossy to play with.  Awesome.

Now off to make lunch and put Mega down for his nap and spend some quiet time with Popeye!  WOOH!