In light of Mega’s recent discovery that he can get out of his crib whenever he likes, I lowered the mattress to the lowest setting.  My thinking was that it would make it impossible for him to fling his leg over and crawl out…  Alas, my son is more flexible than an Olympic gymnast.  Either that, or he has Spidey-Sense, I’m not sure which. 

        I discovered he could still finagle his way out around 8 AM.  I hear a maniacal giggle…  The crib rails rattle…  and then the pitter patter of little feet and the doorknob jiggle.  Goober…  So now in addition to potty training when Daddy gets home, we will be “Big Boy Bed” training.  Along with that comes baby-proofing his room.  He is pretty quiet when he first wakes up – likes to play by himself and wake up slowly…  Wonder where he gets that from…  *ahem*  Because of his early morning habits, we will have to ensure that he can’t hurt himself because we more than likely won’t hear him.  Leaving his door open isn’t an option yet because the sound in this house amplifies in the hallway upstairs and he would never get to sleep.  His door opens loudly or else I would just open it when I went to bed, but that wakes him up, too, so yeah…  Baby-proofing and hoping for the best!   

Mmm…  ham and cheese quesadillas…   And if you read that and said “case-uh-dill-uh’s”…  you might be a redneck…