Tonight is, obviously, Sunday Night.  “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”  What to order on the pizza?  PRECISELY!  Tonight is my night to host our ritualistic get-together where all we do is talk trash and watch Desperate Housewives.  If you’re unfamiliar with this little cult of ours, let me explain.  Every Sunday night, we get together to watch the show.  We rotate who hosts.  The hostess makes a main course and the other brain-washed attendees bring side dish(es) and dessert.  I am copping out and ordering pizza tonight because I don’t have any clue what to make and I don’t want to make a mess I will have to later clean up in my kitchen.  So there…  And in case you were wondering about the trash talking part, fear not!  We don’t say anything in our cult that we wouldn’t say to your face.  No worries.  😉


Moving on…  I’ve gotten a few hits now and feedback from *one*.  I was serious people!  I need ideas for this thing or it’s going to shrivel like a 90 year old prostate.  *cringe*