I recently taught Mega to say, “Mercy!” when I tickle him and he needs to catch his breath…  Or when he wants to pretend to need a break and attack me Secret-Squirrel Style from another angle.  It comes out more like, “mer-tee” but you know what he’s saying all the same.  It’s been a really great game for us.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched his face turn red only to have him cry for mercy and come back for more 10 seconds later.  Good times, good times.

Now let me explain one more thing.  I have this intense fear of my children falling down the stairs, or of me falling while carrying them up or down the stairs.  This fear is so intense that I have nightmares about it at least once per month.  Even though Mega mastered the stairs shortly after his first birthday, I still go up the stairs right behind him, and when he comes down, I am two steps in front of him.  When I have to walk the stairs holding the baby, I am always very careful.  Part of this is because my depth perception is almost non-existent and though I have pretty good muscle memory of the stairs, you never know what Mega might have left on the stairs, when the cat might dart between your legs, etc.  Having said that…

Mega just woke up about 30 minutes ago.  He wanted me to snuggle with him, so I brought him downstairs to snuggle for a bit on the couch since BabySan was very near sleep in his bassinet in my room.  Mega finally settles down and starts doing the winkin’, blinkin’, and noddin’ thing, so I scoop him into my arms and start up the steps.  I guess I was holding his limp little body a little more firmly than I meant to because when I hit the second step after the middle landing, Mega said, “Mer-tee, Mommy, mer-tee!”  Wonders never cease…  It’s moments like this I recall why I didn’t swallow him at birth.