For those of you looking for something far more witty, inspiring, intelligent, and overall more stimulating from my brilliant literary mind, I have a few things to tell you.

First, someone lied to you.  I don’t have a brilliant literary mind.  Sure, I got the highest score possible on my AP English exam my senior year, (humble, no?) and I will freely admit what boosted my score was indeed my essays.  However, that was YEARS ago. 

Second, I am out of practice, out of touch, and usually out of time.  These days the things that inspire me are things like knowing that if I do the dishes while holding BabySan, I don’t have to stay up later tonight to get them done, etc. 

I greatly appreciate you loggin’ in and giving me your feedback, too.  For the time being, please don’t be too harsh.  I am new at this.  I am horrible at web design, so if there are links that don’t work, pictures you can’t see, etc., don’t rip me a new one just yet.  I am still learning to navigate the site and how to change things around, update them, etc.  As time goes by, however, feel free to be completely candid with your feelings.  I am a big girl.  I can take it.  If I can’t, I can always block you from my site.  😛

In the meantime, faithful reader, enjoy my little tidbits.  If there’s anything you’d like to see my write about, let me know.  You know I have an opinion about just about everything under the sun.  I won’t touch too many political issues just because I choose not to, but right now, nothing else comes to mind as “taboo.”  I look forward to hearing just about anything other than, “Uh-oh Mommy…  Dropped it!” right now!  Fear not!  Ask and ye shall receive…  Just write the damn comments.  Oh, and when you do, please don’t use anyone’s real name…  Especially my boys.  Thanks!