I am leaving first thing tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  I am not sure when I will be back, but the shit has really hit the fan and even though we can neither afford it, nor can I handle it, we’re going.  DH can’t go thanks to work, so my mom is braving the roads with me since I am not “allowed” to travel alone, especially for such a long time.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep Mega Man under control for the grueling drive.  It’s normally about 10 hours, but I have to walk 15 minutes for every hour I am in the car, so you can imagine how much longer it’s going to take and how many times Mega will cry to get out and then not want to be put back in the car seat, etc.  Even if we left at 6 AM (HA!) we wouldn’t get there until at least 6 the Saturday night…  Not looking forward to this trip for oh…  so many reasons.  Anyway, if you’re the praying type, now would be a good time to do all that, just don’t tell me you’re doing it.  Hee…  Even if you’re not, if you could keep us in your thoughts, you know, that this goes as well as it possibly can, etc., that would be super.  🙂